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I feel like the reason Jen is such an amazing actress is because she actually does her job. I mean like if you were to watch The Hunger Games you would be like “oh wow another teen actress!” But then you actually start watching and think “Wow Shes pretty good!” then you watch Silver Linings Playbook and you see a widowed woman. Every character she plays are so different and thats what actresses are supposed to do. Your not supposed to be like “oh hey its Jennifer Lawrence on the screen!” And you dont with her. With her you think “oh wow Tiffany is such an amazing character!” And Jen does an amazing job of that. She takes the character she is playing and makes it her own. Its amazing. Its revolutionary. Im honored to be alive while to making movies.

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    ^this is truer than truer than true. I am an actress myself, I mean I’m no Jennifer Lawrence, but I am an actress, and...
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